About Our Team


Hello. I started Team Samaritan House nearly 10 years ago. Its purpose was first to create a community of fun, caring individuals that love to ride bikes and enjoy each other’s company. During our first year, I thought “Why don’t we ride for a cause?” We chose the Samaritan House, a homeless shelter open to everyone that provides food, clothing and shelter to those experiencing homelessness. Our mission therefore has been to raise both awareness and money for the homeless of Denver.

The team has grown from 6 riders in 2011 to over 80 in 2020. We raised $12,000 our first year, and on Valentines Day, 2020, we achieved a monumental milestone – our first $1.0 million.

To achieve the million-dollar goal, the team participates in all the major cycling events throughout the year including The Denver Post Ride the Rockies and Pedal The Plains, Iron Horse, Santa Fe Century (New Mexico), Moab Skinny Tire Festival (Utah), Subaru Elephant Rock, Triple Bypass, Copper Triangle, Courage Classic, Pikes Peak Hill Climb, the Icon Eyecare Tour of the Moon, and more. Last year we actually had a team of riders do a ride in Italy!

By joining the team, we (Samaritan House) will purchase a complete kit for you including a jersey, light rain jacket, and shorts. If you choose to ride in Ride the Rockies, you get two jerseys and two shorts and light rain jacket for the week-long event. All we ask is for you to raise at least $1,500 for the Samaritan House. We provide you with a personalized website and whatever marketing materials you may require (i.e., mailers, flyers, etc.).

We also have a Meetup.com website – Team Samaritan House.

Come join us! We have a ton of fun. The camaraderie and friendship we have is contagious!

God bless,

Tom Schwein